All About Emily: EvolveYou's New Barre Trainer

We are super excited to host a brand new style of fitness on the EvolveYou app! Meet Emily Chadwick-Vint, EvolveYou’s expert barre trainer: full of energy, positivity and the best barre workouts you’ve experienced!

We are super excited to host a brand new style of fitness on the EvolveYou app! Meet Emily Chadwick-Vint, EvolveYou’s expert barre trainer: full of energy, positivity and the best barre workouts you’ve experienced! Get ready for an exclusive Barre programme created by Emily for the EvolveYou app: Energy with Emily.

Who is Emily?

Originally from the Channel Islands, dance has been running through Emily’s veins since the age of three! Trained as a professional dancer before becoming a personal trainer and Barre instructor, Emily’s career has taken her across the world from Morocco to New York. It was in New York, 2015, when Emily tried her first Barre Class and hasn’t looked back since. She left feeling like jelly, but buzzing for more. A lover of strength and HIIT training, Emily had finally discovered a workout style that combined her love for cardio, strength and dance in gruelling, low impact workouts!

Dance has always been an intrinsic part of Emily’s life, not only professionally, but personally too. Dancing has been Emily’s wellbeing framework, fitness routine and her mode of positivity and energy. She truly believes that music, listening and aligning your mind and body to the beat can make a world of difference to your mental and physical, it can burn those glutes too!

Emily’s Why

Emily speaks openly and honestly about her emotional health and wellbeing on her social media platforms. From a young age, Emily adopted a confident visage, smiling, laughing and of course dancing. But, what few people knew was that Emily was hiding behind layers of makeup, her beautiful, long hair and long sleeved tops. Emily would rarely look in the mirrors when rehearsing Ballet routines at university and rarely spoke positively about herself. In time, she realised this was a combination of body dysmorphia and heartbreak - difficult experiences for several young women.

Emily’s lack of confidence was triggered again at university when she was rejected as a hopeful professional dancer because she did not ‘look a certain way’. This led to feelings of insecurity and not feeling ‘good enough’.

Emily’s solution? There would be no quick fix other than to take control of her mindset and intentionally work on her own physical and mental wellbeing.

Emily’s why is intrinsically linked to the EvolveYou ethos:

‘I did something for me and started moving my body consistently, in a way that I connected with. I was a dancer and so moving to the beat of the music has always fed my soul...when I combined this with fitness, magic happened.’

True to her philosophy, Emily combines her love of dance and fitness for nobody else but herself. This is the same level of self love, self discipline, consistency and energy she encourages in all of her clients.

What is Barre?

Barre is a powerful fusion of tiny, precise movements and long controlled exercises that come together to create a burn like you’ve never experienced before. Emily’s Barre workouts are fueled by her love of music. Each workout reflects the beat of the tune as Emily wants each member of her community to fully engage mentally, emotionally and physically in the time they dedicate to their workout.

Emily truly believes in mind and body connection. Through the beat of the music and small, precise movements (which she will make you HOLD to feel that burn!) you will literally feel your mind and body triggering fiery energy, all at the same time!

Due to their low impact style, but high energy output, Barre workouts are perfect for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or someone who usually prefers HIIT or strength training at the gym. The style is so different that it will target your muscle groups (minor and major) in a way you haven’t felt before. Not only is Barre a fitness routine, but the dance element is a wonderfully empowering mode of expression too. It will leave you feeling in tune with your mind and body and buzzing with self-confidence!

Full of passion, high energy and so much fun, you most definitely won’t regret a single one of Emily’s workouts!

Energy with Emily: The Programme

A 12 week program with 3-4 weekly workouts, lasting between 20-30 minutes (don’t underestimate the time, though: not a single second is wasted!). The program is designed to build a strong, supple body, increase flexibility and stand taller through low impact, high intensity workouts.

Physically, the program will create defined, lean muscle and the strongest core you’ve ever worked towards. Mentally, you’ll discover a deep sense of self empowerment and resilience.

Each workout is filmed dynamically so you can follow along, in-app, to the beat of the music and the energy will be SKY HIGH! Get ready to awaken muscles you didn’t know existed and see your overall body strength soar!

Emily’s program promises to change the way you see exercise. No muscle goes untouched, taking a full body workout to the next level, especially as Barre is designed to target individual, tiny muscle fibres across your body.

Emily’s workout choreography will leave your heart pumping with joy and your muscles burning for more - and that is no understatement! Yet, somehow, the beauty of Barre is that it is accessible to all fitness levels and will deliver the impact you desire from a workout.

The barre method is like nothing else - even in its simplest most basic form, it is both fully accessible and also a real challenge for anyone and everyone, no matter what their fitness level is. Even if you’re a barre pro, revisiting the basics is always a good idea to correct form habits and if you’re a total beginner, everything is broken down so that literally everyone can dive into this program with confidence. The program starts off with more basic positions and once you’re used to those, you’ll start to layer up and increase intensity at your own pace.

Barre is all about small, intense movements. You will get used to Emily saying ‘little lift, little drop’, ‘drop hold’, ‘hold’ and  ‘pulse’ a lot. There will be a lot of pulses and a lot of holds! But, the joy and laughter that follows each exercise will make every workout a spicy one!

Are you as excited as we are? We’re honestly so happy to be bringing Emily’s expertise and fiery programme to the EvolveYou app! Whether you choose Energy with Emily as a standalone program or to complement your existing plan, you will absolutely love her Barre workouts. We can’t wait to hear you celebrating after each one!

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Zahara Chowdhury

Zahara Chowdhury is an author at EvolveYou