All About Jen: EvolveYou's New Yoga Trainer

We are so excited to announce the launch of our new expert yoga trainer, Jen Landsberg. From our humble beginnings, we have taken on board every piece of your feedback, yoga being a highly requested training style on the app!

We are so excited to announce the launch of our new expert yoga trainer, Jen Landesberg. From our humble beginnings, we have taken on board every piece of your feedback, yoga being a highly requested training style on the app! We’ve been looking and patiently waiting for the perfect trainer and we can’t wait for you to try Jen’s exclusive program, Balance, on the EvolveYou app.

Who is Jen?

Jen is an open, honest and passionate expert yoga trainer who wants everyone to know they can ‘do yoga’. A yogi who practices her yoga flows every day, Jen wants to show the EvolveYou community the versatility and beauty of yoga. For Jen, fitness needs to be fun; we need to feel present, confident and empowered by exercise to fully experience its wonderful benefits. This is exactly how yoga makes Jen feel!

A London-based yoga expert trainer, Jen discovered a sense of purpose after following in her grandmother’s footsteps with a daily yoga practice. When at university reading psychology, Jen suffered with anxiety and felt lost. Although working towards a degree qualification and involved in student life, Jen did not feel as though she had a sense of purpose. She went on to graduate but knew it wasn’t the path for her.

Jen’s Grandma had always spoken positively about the physical and mental benefits of yoga, so Jen decided to give it a go. Like many individuals, Jen was conscious that she was not naturally flexible and her perception of yoga had always been that it was practiced by ‘yogis’. A common myth for many, that you either ‘do’ yoga, or you don’t!

Almost immediately, Jen began to feel a sense of purpose again and enjoyed the process of making the practice her own. More than 5 years ago, this led to a 600-hour expert yoga training qualification in California, which gave her the opportunity to push through her own physical and mental barriers and truly connect with her body and mind.

Jen’s Why

Jen's Yoga practice has little to do with her ‘natural’ flexibility or an inclination for yoga, rather a purposeful feeling to focus on her wellbeing. Like so many of us, Jen is fully aware that feelings of purposelessness, anxiety and a lack of motivation can creep in before the sun rises! Like the ethos of EvolveYou, Jen maintains that a consistent and routine practice of yoga every day is what helps overcome these feelings so she can be the very best version of herself.

To her clients, Jen offers no quick fixes. Instead, her yoga flows combine a wide range of yoga styles and philosophies so her community can make the practice their own; for Jen, this is the best way for people to maintain a consistent practice - and have fun too!

Why Yoga for EvolveYou?

Our community team listen carefully to all of your feedback and we know that yoga is an increasingly popular choice for our familia. Given the nature of yoga, which works on your flexibility, mobility, core strength, mind-body connection and sense of positive wellbeing, we know Jen’s fun-filled yoga style will complement the programmes created by your other expert trainers: Krissy, Danyele, Melissa and Emily.  

Work and life is just getting busier and more exciting for the EvolveYou familia and as we grow together, we want to grow knowing we have your best interests at heart: and this means your holistic wellbeing!

Balance with Jen

Jen’s exclusive 8 week yoga program, Balance, is suitable for all levels and focuses on 7 key yoga foundations for the EvolveYou community to practice, enjoy and perfect. With 3 workouts a week with optional yoga flows to complete within the program, Jen promises that Balance will be uplifting, fun and revitalising for all! By the end of the programme you will feel strong in mind and fully present and connected to your workouts. Balance will give you the strength and mindset you need to feel that your fitness and wellbeing is truly for you.

Each workout lasts between 25-35 minutes and Jen has also designed 10 further, 20 minute, yoga flows which sit outside the Balance program: these workouts will have you working on all areas of yoga practice: yoga flows you can follow to complement your training and build a consistent and routine yoga practice.

Carefully curated by Jen so yoga is diverse and inclusive for all members of the EvolveYou community, Jen says the workouts will, 'unlock new ways that you can move your body, dive deeper within yourself and work on both your physical and mental strength.’ Expect a combination of core, balance and strength work in every yoga flow!

What are you waiting for? It’s time to add Balance by Jen into your planner and build the perfect wellbeing routine with the EvolveYou app. We can’t wait to see how much stronger and positive you feel after incorporating Jen’s yoga flows into your workout routines - make sure you let us know on socials how amazing it makes you feel!

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Zahara Chowdhury

Zahara Chowdhury is an author at EvolveYou