Commit: Athletic Build | Your Essential Lowdown

Challenge your boundaries, redefine your capabilities and unleash your athletic potential with Melissa’s brand new program, Athletic Build.

If you’re wanting to elevate your performance, define your physique and strengthen your mindset, then Melissa’s program, Commit Athletic Build is here to help you push your boundaries and redefine what you thought was possible. 


Based on the principles of strength and conditioning, Melissa has created a well rounded, fun and functional program that combines bodybuilding techniques paired with athletic drills and spicy metabolic finishers to enable you to look and perform your best. Expertly programmed in 3 week cycles, you’ll focus on main compound moves which will increase in complexity as you move through each phase, helping you to lift stronger, feel fitter and become more powerful. These lifts will also be supported by a range of accessory exercises carefully put together to ensure you build strength, enhance stability and unlock your athletic potential! 


If you’re looking to develop your physique and strength, increase your performance and enhance your power, then Athletic Build is the program for you! Get strong, lean and fit with thoughtful, proven programming as you gain the tools and skills you need to unleash your potential and perform at your best! It’s also perfect for those who play recreational sports or are into running and want to strengthen their stride and up their game.  This program delivers what it promises, all you need to do is show up and stay committed. 


Developed for beginner and intermediate gym goers who are ready and willing to push their boundaries and take their results to the next level, Athletic Build will move through 3 week cycles, consistently challenging you to redefine your capabilities. 

Depending on your level, you’ll focus on main compound lifts that work on your main movement patterns (think squats, deadlift, pushing and pulling) to help you move better in and outside of the gym. These will become more complex as you move through the phases to ensure you keep progressing and heading towards your goals. You’ll also be challenged in a variety of ways, think iso holds, unilateral movements, supersets and metabolic finishers to continually improve your performance and expand your athletic functionality. 

Here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect:


6 week program

X3 weekly workouts + 1 optional

Day 1 | Squat + Push

Day 2 | Hinge + Pull
Day 3 | Functional Strength in Motion

Optional day 4 | Express Abs & Core 


12 week program

X4 weekly workouts 

Day 1 | Lower Push Pull 

Day 2 | Upper Push Pull 

Day 3 | Lower Push Pull

Day 4 | Upper Push Pull 


If you’re looking for a new way to spice up your training and want a new challenge to get stuck into, then this is it! Through Melissa’s expert programming you’ll rekindle your love of training,  become more athletic as you build a healthier, happier and stronger you!  

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