EvolveYou: Our biggest update yet!

We’re so excited and proud to finally share with you something that as a team we’ve been working on for months! We have a brand new look and have changed our name from Tone & Sculpt to EvolveYou!

Why the change?

We wanted a name that represents and reflects how we’ve grown and matured over time. We feel the name EvolveYou truly aligns with our company values, helping every single woman, no matter where she’s at, move forward on her journey as she evolves and reaches her full potential. Speaking of our company values, these have also evolved to reflect what we stand for and believe in as a brand:


Let’s level up! 

Giving every single woman the confidence to take control of their lives and meet their goals.


Keep it real!

Guiding you with the right things to build consistency and discipline.


We've got this, familia!

Encouraging everyone to be part of this transformative journey.

What else had changed?

Along with our fresh new name, our rebrand also features new colours, a new logo and some hot new photography!

What does this mean for me?

We might look different, but our core remains the same. All your favourite Tone & Sculpt workouts and trainers will still be here, guiding you to help you reach your full potential. And don’t worry, there’s really no need to do anything different, your login, progress, program and your subscription will all remain the same! Just head over to the app store and update to the latest version, if you want to see and be part of what we’ve been working on. 

Sis, we understand you might have some other questions, so here are a few things we thought might help:

1. How will I be able to follow EvolveYou on social media?

Already following Tone & Sculpt on our social channels? Don’t worry, you’ll automatically be following EvolveYou through our existing channels. 

Not following us at the moment? Follow us at @evolveyou and @evolveyoutogether

2. Will my subscription change?

No need to worry, everything will remain the same. Whether you pay monthly, quarterly or yearly, your next renewal will be on the same day as it's always been on. That goes for the price too!

3. I’ve just reached the 50 star club. What t- shirt will I receive?

Just joined the 50 star club? First of all, a massive congratulations! So, If you reach the 50 star club on or just after the 5th April you’ll be able to order your EvolveYou t-shirt very soon! Just remember to make sure your push notifications are switched on, so we can let you know when to order. If you’ve ordered your t-shirt but it hasn’t arrived yet drop us a message so we can get a new t-shirt ordered for you.

4. I haven’t received my 50 Star t-shirt yet. What t-shirt will I receive?

Ordered your t-shirt but it hasn’t arrived yet? Drop us a message so we can get a new t-shirt ordered for you. 

Got more questions? Find out more about our exciting EvolveYou rebrand here


Alice Fontecilla

Alice Fontecilla is an author at EvolveYou