Meet Maddie: Our New Strength Trainer

At EvolveYou we’re committed to bringing you the best in the industry, and that’s why we couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to our newest strength training expert Maddie.

When it comes to fitness and nutrition, Maddie is a firm believer in a balanced approach. Her aim is to inspire and empower women to lead healthy and sustainable lifestyles by building better habits in and outside the gym. A former competitive swimmer and athlete, Maddie knows what it takes to help you push your limits and achieve greatness - while ensuring you foster a healthy relationship with your body and mind.

She stopped swimming in her last year of high school in 2017 and wanted a way to keep active, so she started going to the gym. However, she quickly became obsessed with wanting to become “as skinny as possible” and would slog through 7 days a week of intense cardio. Needless to say her relationship with food, her body and love for exercise quickly deteriorated as she battled with periods of restriction, under-eating and over exercising.

Realising her health was spiralling, she started to lift weights and in 2019 Maddie attempted her first bulk. It was then that Maddie realised that trying to manipulate her body with extreme eating and training wasn’t sustainable, nor healthy, so she finally took the time to rewire her habits, focusing on a more balanced approach.

When lockdown hit in March 2020, Maddie was mainly doing home workouts with minimal equipment and threw herself into learning proper lifting techniques. This  combined with an effective plan enabled her to see both mental and physical results.

For the first time Maddie fully understood for herself that healthy results take time, patience, compassion as well as balance. From then, Maddie vowed to help women feel great, build better habits and reach their full potential. Understanding from her own experience that the majority of women lead busy lives, she promises to bring a realistic and sustainable approach to health and fitness.


When it comes to training, her style is based on bodybuilding with a touch of power, core and cardio, (thanks to her athletic days). We love the community Maddie’s built around her at her own gym, and can’t wait for that to shine through on our app to thousands of you, bringing her expertise and personal training style to EvolveYou.Keep your eyes peeled for something very excited coming soon 👀

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