Mindfulness Challenge Week 4: Patience

November 4, 2022

When it comes to setting and reaching your goals, patience is a factor that’s often overlooked.

In this blog article we’ll help you understand the powerful importance of patience and how practising it regularly can help you reach your goals and lead a more successful and happier life.

In our modern day fast paced lives many of us are prepped and primed for wanting things instantly. If we’re hungry, we can order what we want at the click of a finger. If we want to watch a film, we can immediately select from a range of channels, and when it comes to our results most of us fall off track because we become bored if we don’t see changes straight away.

This is where patience comes in. Patience is the ability to remain calm in the face of adversity, frustration and even suffering. Practising it often empowers us with the ability to control our impulses for what we want in the short-term, in order to secure what we really want in the long-term. It is patience that helps us invest in our future selves, and when combined with consistency, it makes a powerful concoction, allowing us to thrive, succeed and prosper.

Practising patience

Think of patience like a muscle that we can train. It might seem difficult to be patient at first, but the more often we practise it, the better habits we build and the more likely we’ll be at succeeding at reaching our goals.

Here at EvolveYou we really understand the importance of patience. That's why our fourth and final week in the Mindfulness challenge is all about cultivating patience to set you up for success, as we give you the tools you need to practise your patience and get the results you deserve!

So if you’re looking to commit to yourself and lead a more successful life, then this final week of challenges is something you definitely don’t want to miss!

1. Write down 3 triggers that challenge your patience

We all have things that trigger our patience and leave us feeling stressed, angry or frustrated. Developing awareness around what triggers our patience empowers us with the knowledge of what pushes our buttons and therefore gives us a choice with how to react - ultimately helping us become more calm, mindful and patient.

2. Try a different training style from the EvolveYou app that you’re not used to and complete a workout

Most of us naturally move and stick with what we know and/or are good at, however trying something new allows us to enjoy new experiences as we find out more about ourselves and helps us to develop more confidence and gain new skills.

That’s why your challenge today is to try a new training style from the EvolveYou app that you’re not used to and complete a workout that you haven’t tried. Let us know how you found it!

3.Cook 1 meal from scratch today. Need some inspo? Choose a healthy & delicious meal from our in-app recipe book!

To cook a meal from scratch, (especially when hungry), requires ultimate patience! It’s so easy to grab a meal on the go, so spending time preparing and cooking a healthy meal from scratch is an amazing way to enhance your patience, express your creativity and become present and focused in the moment.

4. Read one chapter of a book before bed. Need some inspo? Check out our trainer’s top 5 reads over on our Instagram page.

Reading requires ultimate focus and patience as you make the effort to understand the words written in front of you. In a world where content is made quick, easy and digestible, reading a book provides the perfect challenge to practise your patience and enhance your concentration skills. 

✅ Pro tip | pick a book beforehand, so that it makes it easier for you to complete this challenge.

5. Take 5 minutes to write about your day

Taking some time to sit and reflect upon the day’s events helps to put things into perspective. It also helps to physically declutter our thoughts, helping to organise things which may seem chaotic. The act of taking time out to write, think and reflect also helps to enhance patience.

6.Engage in active listening during a conversation

Active listening is where we take the time and patience to really listen to what the other person is saying - staying present even when the conversation might not be super interesting. This not only helps the other person feel valued and builds connection, but it also helps us to practise mindfulness and patience as we are constantly drawing ourselves back to the here and now.

7. Spend 10 minutes writing down your short term and long term health and fitness goals

Spending 10 minutes thinking, reflecting and becoming aware of what we want and writing it down allows us to practise our patience as we get a clearer understanding of our ‘why’ and therefore we can develop more of an actionable plan to help us get there successfully.

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