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Changed my life

Krissy Krissy Krissy, the whole team at tone and sculpt, we KNOW how much work you put into this app and with the feedback you not only read you IMPROVE., you see us, you hear us. I cannot tell you how this app has changed my fitness/health journey. My form has improved, I’m accountable for ME. But most of all it’s the progress I have seen and to track this with weights, reps, photos on the app id amazing. To have such a major and supportive community too. Thank YOU T&S.

Shannon Lorna

Incredible value for money

This app has given me so much confidence to workout at home and I will carry this on when gyms open and not feel daft using the gym equipment. The workouts are challenging but enjoyable and the on demand workouts are so encouraging it’s like a full on gym class but at home and no extra charge for this. It’s like the app that keeps on giving. You can add as many challenges as you like, there’s something for everyone.


Life changer

The best - no competition



I’m a new member and I’m loving every single workout. I used to follow another program 4 years ago and never felt part of it, but this one is different. I’m really loving the support that this community gives one another. I’m so glad I found Krissy on Instagram and that I’m part of this amazing FAMILIA she has built. ❤️


All round excellent app

Great workouts - I think the interactivity and interface is unrivalled by any app on the market. Customer service team is absolutely fantastic, so friendly and accommodating. They sorted the problems I had immediately and impeccably, I am very, very impressed. I really recommend this app it’s genuinely worth it!


Best thing ever

Absolutely love this app, easy to follow and the new create your meal plan makes me love it more! I have already recommended to many friends and I will continue to recommend.


❤️ worth it

Because of this I fell in love with the gym and I always get excited to workout. Thank you!

Ynaffit P


I got a yearly subscription for 50% off on Black Friday. I absolutely love this app!! The workouts are easy to follow along and have videos of the exercises to check form. The nutrition recipes are delicious and easy.



I am not going to lie when I say I always find it hard to keep committed to working out but this app makes it easy and keeps you motivated! High recommend x


Emily is amazing

The barre workout is so intense but so rewarding. Emily is beautiful inside and out.


It has completely changed the way I workout at home

So far, I have only used this app for home workouts & I absolutely love it! It has completely changed the way I workout at home (i.e. it's actually getting me to start and FINISH the whole workout every day). I already feel stronger and more motivated! The app is easy to use and has tons of exercises to choose from.


All workouts are convenient

All you need is 30 minutes! It may not sound like a lot but it leaves me drenched in sweat each time. Also, Krissy just stepped up her game and brought in another trainer with different workouts. There are soo many meals available and you can customize your own meals too. This app has it all including a supporting familia. Love this!!


Best fitness app I've ever used

I used to be so clueless when I step into the gym because I'd have a plan, but never had a backup or an alternative. This app not only includes video clips but also a written description on how to do exercises! I'm a visual learner so I absolutely love the clips! & a plus for the food/ nutrition part! All the recipes are easy!


Easy to follow and great value for money!

The app is so easy to follow. Great meal plans too which you can swap and add your dietary preferences in. Do that for the week and you get a shopping list as well. For the price, it’s definitely worth it, proves results and cheaper than a PT!


Best app ever

If you need a virtual trainer this is the one... everything about this is perfect. Krissy... you are a star and I can’t thank you enough. Eating and working out has never seemed so simple! THANK YOU🙏🏽


Pushes me when I can't push myself

No words other than the best app around. I sometimes find myself not having any motivation to do a workout or to put it simply...I make excuses. This app takes away those excuses and pushes you to do this for YOU. 1000% recommended 💪🏼💙


Another level of customer care

Best fitness and wellbeing app!! The best team of people running everything behind the scenes as well! Always speedy replies whenever I’ve messaged with an issue, cannot fault 😊 The familia is the best✌🏻💕

Aliysa L

Best fitness app ever!!! 💙💙

This app has literally changed my life. I have been working out since couple of years and I did lose a lot of weight but I gained it back after a while. Thanks to this app and Krissy who I truly love I have strengthen a lot and I finally feel good about myself. I still feel lazy sometimes and unmotivated but whenever I go onto the community page it always, always brings me the motivation to get up. It’s not just guides you, challenges you but gives you all the support you need for fitness and nutrition. If you are looking for fitness help and community then you have found the best one because tone and sculpt is the best one!!!! If you purchase this app you will not regret it for sure, if you cannot afford to pay then go on instagram and follow the Tone and Sculpt page and KRISSY CELA, you can find many workouts on her page for free and it truly helps. If you are not sure that you wanna purchase it or not then just go on those two pages and see the workouts. 💙💙