Danyele Wilson

Official EvolveYou Trainer
"Unleash your inner athlete & unlock your true potential"

Danyele has designed home & gym workouts with programs to suit all fitness levels. Danyele has a "never settle" attitude, an ethos that she lives by. She inspires people to go out and be great in whatever it is they want to do, whether that’s in the gym, at work or in life.


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Power Strength
With Danyele
Elevate your fitness, build maximum strength as you improve your personal bests.
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Power Gym
With Danyele
Gain the tools you need to build explosive power & increase your confidence in the gym.
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Power Home
With Danyele
Discover your true potential as you build explosive power & confidence from your home!
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Strength training

Danyele has been an athlete for her entire life. She started gymnastics at 2 years old and was a cheerleader throughout high school and university. After university, Danyele needed to feel like an athlete again so she started attending her local HIIT and functional strength training sessions at the gym.

Feeling inspired and wanting to share her passion and knowledge, she asked to coach at the gym and started sharing her classes on Instagram and getting her friends to attend. She quickly developed a love for coaching and wanted to share this love and inspire others to find their inner athlete too. Soon after she quit her corporate marketing job to pursue her passion in coaching…she hasn’t looked back since!