Makayla Merie

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"Helping you feel strong, confident and empowered in the gym. Take up the space you deserve girlie"

Meet Makayla Merie whose Pump program promises to not only challenge you, but will give you structured training to see the results you’re looking for. Match Makayla’s energy each workout with high sets, heavy weights and a rep range that promotes hypertrophy, AKA muscle building leaving you feeling strong, confident and pumped.


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With Makayla
Expect high sets, lower reps & effective compound exercises, to help you grow your glutes and your strength.
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Strength training

Born and raised in Canada, Makayla is our newest strength training expert with a passion for helping women become strong both inside and outside of the gym.

Makayla believes we should never take movement for granted, having been in an accident which threatened her ability to walk, she is passionate about encouraging women to find joy in moving their bodies.

With a degree in Kinesiology, ‘the study of movement’ she will deliver expert programming on working out to get the results you want, with a focus on key compound movements, high sets and the perfect rep ranges to ensure you’re building muscle along the way.Bringing positive energy to her workouts and online community, Makayla believes that everyone deserves to take up space in the gym.

Join her for some light-hearted but challenging programs, guaranteed to leave you feeling PUMPED.