Melissa Kendter

Official EvolveYou Trainer
"Commiting to yourself is the best thing you can do"

Melissa’s programs are designed to help you move better and more often, incorporating hybrid training to increase performance inside and outside the gym. Expect to achieve a diverse style of fitness, as well as to feel empowered through regular movement.


Most popular
Commit Gym
With Melissa
Expect a combo of heavy lifts, functional movements & high intensity exercises.
Most popular
Commit Express
With Melissa
Develop muscle & athleticism in 30 minutes or less.
Most popular
Commit Home
With Melissa
Boost total body performance & increase fitness all from your own home!
My training
Strength training

​​Melissa has always loved sports. Ever since starting with football from an early age, she couldn’t get enough of being outdoors, running, playing and staying fit. As Melissa got older she saw a number of friends and family members sadly fall ill, and suffer from a variety of diseases.

It was this that sparked Melissa to want to help people recover and feel healthy, fit and strong. She therefore gained her qualification in functional training and has spent the last decade of her career showing people that learning to move your body can be the dose of medicine that we all need to support a long and healthy life. Melissa says that fitness isn’t just her career, it’s her mission to help individuals feel and be their very best - and she won’t stop until she’s reached as many women as possible!