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EvolveYou was co-founded in 2019 by personal trainer Krissy Cela and fitness entrepreneur Jack Bullimore, with a dream of creating a global fitness community that would help women build strength and confidence from the inside out.

Learning from her own experiences, Krissy realised that both the gym, and fitness generally, can be intimidating for women who are starting out. She made it her goal to change that for the better. By fusing fitness and technology to create a platform that would expertly guide its users on their fitness journey, EvolveYou was born!

The EvolveYou community grew quickly and has become central to everything we do. It’s fuelled by women supporting each other to feel fitter and more confident, because how you feel matters.

Our Purpose

To change women’s lives by building confidence through fitness and community

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We give people the confidence to take control of their lives and meet their goals.

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And do the right things to build consistency and discipline.

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We encourage everyone to be part of this transformative journey.

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There are always new opportunities, so we positively embrace change.

Why EvolveYou?

EvolveYou is a supportive global fitness community led by world class trainers that helps women build confidence and strength from the inside out.