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"Embrace your incredible body through the power of movement."

Her story

Introducing Charlotte, our brand new hybrid trainer with a passion for functional fitness, helping you to move better in and outside of the gym. Charlotte's love for fitness started early with swimming & she quickly added marathon running, cheerleading, & bodybuilding to the mix. At the age of 16, Charlotte left college to pursue her passion in fitness, aiming to help women enjoy & embrace their bodies through the power of movement. After giving birth to her son Hercules during lockdown, Charlotte faced a challenging period where she developed an unhealthy obsession with HIIT & struggled with an eating disorder. It was a heartfelt comment from her aunt that sparked a realisation in Charlotte about her health. This moment was a turning point, leading her to prioritise how training made her feel over everything else. Today, Charlotte focuses on functional fitness that enhances performance and overall well-being, encouraging women to enjoy their bodies, health and fitness journeys.

Why train with Charlotte?


Charlotte's fitness journey started early as she started training clients at the age of 16!

Training style

Charlotte combines functional fitness with hybrid training techniques. A national swimmer in her youth, she now excels in competitions like Hyrox and Turf Games,

Did you know

This year Charlotte came 6th place in her age group at the Hyrox Women’s Pro.

Charlotte’s Programs

My programs will help you get stronger


Unlock your performance potential with Charlotte’s new program PERFORM. A hybrid of strength, endurance and cardio, you can expect to be challenged like never before, as you embark on a path towards peak performance. With no workout ever the same, you’ll move through heavy lifts, strength endurance and high intensity AMRAPS and EMOMS, as well as core finishers as you improve your power, speed and agility becoming a well rounded athlete ready to take on anything that comes your way. Created for beginner, intermediate and advanced, this program will introduce you to a new way of training with movements that you may not be familiar with. Expect cardio intervals with the rower, SkiErg or treadmill, metcons with thrusters, devil's press and swings and be introduced to olympic lifting with either a dumbbell or a barbell. Train hard, move with control and time to discover what you’re truly capable of.

60 miniutes

3 - 5 sessions per week

Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced


3 - 5 sessions per week

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