Maddie De Jesus-Walker

Official EvolveYou Trainer
"Building a balanced approach to your strength training"

Meet our newest strength trainer Maddie, a former competitive swimmer who knows what it takes to help you push your limits, achieve your goals and reach your full potential.


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Based on bodybuilding moves, enjoy a full-body split aimed at building a stronger & more confident you.
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When it comes to fitness and nutrition, Maddie is a firm believer in a balanced approach, and she aims to inspire and empower women to lead healthy and sustainable lifestyles.

Her training style is based on bodybuilding with a touch of explosive, athletic and HIIT and her program, (aptly named Build), is designed to help you transform your physique and build strength, muscle and confidence.

Her own fitness journey hasn't been linear. Having experience periods of restriction, under-eating, overdoing cardio, and having a lot of exercise and food guilt, Maddie took the time to build long-lasting and sustainable habits and reaped the benefits.

Now, her mission is to help you do the same. With her guidance and expertise you'll learn how to make fitness part of your daily routine, so you can stay on track and build consistency long after the program ends.