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Her story

Saman began her fitness journey in 2017 after the birth of her third child. Saman quickly grew to love fitness and all the benefits that it brought her mentally, emotionally and physically. It was this positive transformation, particularly in her mindset that made her want to pursue a career in fitness to inspire and help others to become the best version of themselves. Saman’s mission is to bring fitness to all women, whatever their starting point. Her ethos with her workouts is to bring accessibility and inclusivity, motivating everyone to reach their full potential and feel their best. That’s why Saman created her program Focus, our first ever dedicated HIIT program designed to be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere. This exciting program has been developed by Saman to ensure that getting fit and staying consistent can be fun and accessible to any woman.

Why train with Saman?


Saman has quaifications in Functional Kettlebell Training, Kickboxing & Functional Range.

Training style

Saman's challenging but well-rounded workouts will develop strength and build up sweat as you progress through her unique approach to merging strength and HIIT.

Did you know

"Saman began her career as a successful make-up and beauty influencer before finding her love of training and wanting to empower women of diversity to take up space in the gym. "

Saman’s Programs

My programs will help you get stronger


Introducing Focus, our very first dedicated HIIT program from Saman Munir. Designed with the purpose of making fitness accessible to everyone, you can expect short full body circuits containing minimal equipment, to boost your fitness and increase your foundational strength. With either Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced to choose from, Saman has truly made fitness achievable as her program contains either 2, 3 or 4 workouts a week. So, if you’re looking to enjoy freedom and flexibility with your training plan, as well as becoming stronger, fitter and more confident, then this is the program for you!


3 - 4 times per week

Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced


3 - 4 times per week

Focus Calisthenics

Regarded by the Spartans of ancient Greece as a way of creating ‘beautiful strength’, calisthenics relies on body weighted exercises to help you become stronger, more powerful as you define, tone and boost your athleticism. Throughout this 8 week program you’ll be working on learning, improving and mastering 3 strength based skills, your push-up, pull-up and pistol squat. Whether it’s working towards your first rep or boosting the amount of reps you can do, Saman will take you through functional circuits and supersets to elevate your training, boost your confidence and take your body and mind to a new level of greatness. Time to boost your skill set, enhance your strength as you work towards a more powerful and confident you. Let’s go!

30 -- 45 mins

5 times per week


Focus Calisthenics

5 times per week

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