Introducing the EvolveYou Academy!

We’re so excited to announce that applications for our very first in-person immersive experience are now open! Read on to find out how you can apply!

Why are we doing this?

At EvolveYou we are truly passionate about wanting to help inspire and support women from every background to feel their best and reach their full potential. The Academy is our way of taking the next step to building an incredible and personal experience, helping 10 community members take their training to the next level. Don’t worry if you don’t get in this time, we plan on making this the first of many!

What you’ll receive in the Academy

If you’re one of the lucky 10 who are chosen, you can expect to enjoy:

⭐️ Monthly in-person coaching sessions with an EvolveYou trainer

⭐️ Weekly virtual check-ins with an in-house PT

⭐️ Access to a range of helpful support and information at your fingertips

⭐️ Financial support with your gym membership

⭐️ You’ll get to know other Academy members as you motivate, inspire and support each other. 

Oh…and we’ll throw in some goodies too! If this sounds like something you would want to take part in, head over to your EvolveYou app now, select your ‘Dashboard’, and follow the sign up instructions. Don’t miss your chance to take part in something incredible! Wishing you the best of luck and all our support always.At EvolveYou we’re giving 10 lucky community members the chance to win a 3-month training experience that’ll help you reach your health and fitness goals. With absolutely NO additional cost alongside your EvolveYou subscription, the academy is open to all UK based community members who want to progress in their fitness journey.

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Here at EvolveYou we’re all about helping you achieve healthy habits that last. We understand that when it comes to long-term results, it’s your journey that matters.

That’s why we’ve carefully created a range of premium fitness products to ensure you have everything you need to elevate your progress, enjoy your journey and reach your full potential.

Alice Fontecilla
Alice Fontecilla is a qualified personal trainer and sports massage therapist with over 7 years of experience in the world of health and fitness. She also holds a Gestalt counselling certificate as she believes true health stems from a harmonious mind, body and soul.
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