Why Exercise is Important for Women’s Health

Fitness is often considered to be a form of self-care, however self-care can be treated like a novelty, a weekly activity to take time out.

From evolveyou-team | Apr 22, 2024

Fitness is often considered to be a form of self-care, however self-care can be treated like a novelty, a weekly activity to take time out. Whilst we know it is necessary, there are several studies and research to suggest that self-care and self-compassion can actually be quite difficult to act upon. If we view it as a ‘product based’ activity, we are in danger of oversimplifying it and therefore not really valuing its worth. Here at EvolveYou our mission is to make fitness accessible for all women across the world. We aim to go beyond fitness being a form of self-care and instead we want women to learn how necessary it is to make fitness a habit.

Our co-founder and lead trainer, Krissy Cela, often talks about fitness in tandem with her work life, university life and life in general! Over the years exercise has not simply been something she does, rather the mindset and discipline that comes with it has been so important for day to day life. Our trainer, Danyele Wilson, is an athlete through and through. It is not just about the workout, speed or velocity at which you train; for Danyele an athlete mindset helps her be the very best version of herself every day and not just for herself, but for her community, friends and family too.

This #IWD2021 we #choosetochallenge the mindset and culture around fitness for women. It is not simply a workout or routine to fit in; exercise is a necessary habit that all women can develop in order to lead strong, healthy and confident lives.

Why is exercise so important for women?

Needless to say, exercise is not just important for women, it is important for everyone! However all too often fitness is linked to aesthetic results, shape and size. Exercise is so much more than the way we look and primarily, it has a lot more to do with our physical and mental health on the inside. You could say aesthetic results are a by-product of consistent, healthy habits!

For women especially, exercise can help with a number of health-related areas:

  • Menstruation
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • The menopause
  • Endometriosis
  • Pregnancy
  • Diabetes
  • Bodily Aches and pains
  • Blood pressure

A healthy lifestyle that incorporates a consistent exercise regime can support all of the above, which are often thought to be barriers for women when it comes to fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Did you know?

  • Exercise when on your period can help alleviate symptoms such as menstrual cramps, bloating, mood swings and fatigue. You may want to avoid overly strenuous exercise, however moderate and light exercise such as walking, some resistance and aerobic activity is absolutely fine to do.
  • Just under a third of women stop exercising or see the menopause and knowledge around it as a barrier to maintaining an exercise routine. Although exercise isn’t proven to reduce menopausal symptoms, it can help manage symptoms such as weight gain, stress relief and mood boosting.
  • The hormone, oestrogen triggers endometriosis (although there is still much research needed into what causes the condition) which leads to inflammation around the pelvic area. Exercise releases anti-inflammatory markers, which can reduce oestrogen levels. This in itself can work towards helping you manage endometriosis.
  • Light to moderate exercise during pregnancy can help relieve certain symptoms of fatigue, nausea and strengthen your body to help prepare for your bundle of joy! We’ve written an entire series on every trimester here to help you on your pregnancy journey!
  • Exercise can help support the management of glucose levels for those with diabetes. As exercise is stimulating the muscles and supporting the reduction of fat in the body (alongside a healthy and balanced diet) it is thought that regular exercise can help support healthy glucose levels in the blood and can prevent some blood vessel complications often associated with diabetes.
  • Studies suggest women are more likely to develop conditions such as osteoarthritis than men. This is due to changes in our hormone levels, especially when going through the menopause and even as hormone levels fluctuate during menstruation. Consistent, strength-based exercises can help alleviate the pain by its very nature of strengthening muscles and bone density.
  • Exercise and blood pressure are closely linked. Exercise helps strengthen the heart and a strong heart means it will pump blood around your body more effectively. This can alleviate pressure on your arteries, which then helps manage blood pressure levels!  

What do these nuggets of information teach us? Quite simply, exercise is good for women!

As far as we’re concerned, all women are superwomen! We don’t want you to question the way your bodies work so much, rather we want you to empower and strengthen them. The well-known metaphor, ‘my body is a temple’ is what we want all women to live and breathe. We want you to respect and nurture your body like you would all aspects of your life. And, it’s not just self-care – it’s an intrinsic necessity to sustain a healthy and balanced way of life.

How do I find the time?

The first thing we want you to do is have a word with yourselves! We are all about love, but we also like a bit of tough love too – it’s what empowers our community. You have to make the time, but on your terms. If you have 1 hour a day, great! If you have 15 minutes every other day, that’s also great! You are in control of your day to day lives and we are here simply to remind you that you can absolutely do this for you. Look inward, decide what works for your schedule – and make an appointment with yourselves. There is research to suggest that scheduling, forming healthy habits and time blocking can help alleviate stress and support positive mental health. Think quality over quantity: if you time block and schedule the time for your workout, you are more likely to do it, enjoy it and less likely to procrastinate over the workouts you haven’t done.

Here at EvolveYou, we strongly believe that the simple act of using the in-app schedule to calendar your workouts can have a positive impact on your daily lives too. You are more likely to set boundaries, time block work and meal prep; you are more likely to spend quality times with your friends and family as often life can become very blurred. The simple act of scheduling and finding time to work out can have a positive impact on all areas of life.  

Where do I start?

This is where we can help you! We have workouts and routines for every woman! Whether you have 15 minutes a day, prefer a home workout or want to target your abs, there is a workout for you on the EvolveYou app. We even offer a 14-day free trial, so you can see if it works for you. Our EvolveYou familia, our wonderful team of athletes, welcome every woman with open arms. There is no judgement, there are no barriers, it is a safe space for every single woman.

Our trainers and our team have one mission: to empower and enable all women through exercise. We have seen and experienced the difference it has made to women across the world and we want to challenge and dispel all myths and stories which prevent women from making fitness a habit. Our familia workout for themselves, but you work out as a team, a community, which in turn empowers and strengthens all elements of life from your health to your relationships.

This International Women’s Day, join us as we aim to raise the bar and support women across the world through the simple act of exercise. You’ll never look back!

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Alice Fontecilla
Alice Fontecilla is a qualified personal trainer and sports massage therapist with over 7 years of experience in the world of health and fitness. She also holds a Gestalt counselling certificate as she believes true health stems from a harmonious mind, body and soul.

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