Build Program: Why you should join

Our newest strength trainer Maddie has just dropped her brand new program Build, a solid and staple gym program, expertly created to help you build strength, muscle and confidence. Find out why this program could be the one you need to take your training and results to the next level.


A solid and staple gym program for anyone serious about their results, Build has been carefully created using the key principles of strength and conditioning. Rooted in bodybuilding and using mainly free weights, combined with effective compound movements, you can expect to increase lean muscle, whilst enhancing strength, stability and coordination. Over the course of your program you'll follow a science-backed full-body split, to grow and develop your lean muscle and strength. You’ll also get your sweat on with core, cardio, HIIT & LISS days or finishers, aimed at maximising your performance and elevating your results. 


Whether you’re a newbie to lifting or are looking for new ways to increase your lean muscle and define your physique, Build is the ultimate staple gym program that uses traditional tried and tested bodybuilding techniques aimed at helping you increase your total body strength and muscle, while helping you build better habits in and outside the gym. Based on mainly free weights, you can also expect to increase your core strength, stability and coordination and improve your mind to muscle connection, enabling you to move better, feel stronger and lift heavier. 


Designed for beginners through to advanced, each level will be broken down into a full body weekly split, focusing and targeting specific muscle groups to increase lean muscle and strength in each area. 

Length: 4 weeks

Frequency: x3 + 1 optional

Day 1 | Lower Body
Day 2 | Upper Body
Day 3 | Full Body

Optional | Abs & Cardio


Length: 8 weeks 

Frequency: x4 + 1 optional

Day 1 | Legs
Day 2 | Pull

Day 3 | Push
Day 4 | Legs 

Optional | Abs & Cardio

Length: 12 weeks 

Frequency: x5

Day 1 | Pull
Day 2 | Legs 

Day 3 | Push
Day 4 | Full Body 

Day 5 | Legs 

With Beginner and Intermediate levels, you’ll also have a dedicated abs and cardio day, which will contain LISS (low intensity, steady state cardio), either on the treadmill or stairmaster, plus a sweaty and spicy Abs & HIIT circuit to enable you to increase fitness, boot your power, enhance stability as well as helping to sculpt and lean out your physique. In Advanced, HIIT, LISS, Abs and core will be threaded throughout your program, which you’ll mainly see in terms of finishers at the end of the workout or as cardio based warm-ups.  This is because for advanced lifters, in order to get the right stimulation you need for your muscles to grow and get stronger, Maddie believes volume is key.  Therefore on Advanced you’ll be taken through an extra leg day each week instead to help you get the stimulation you need to maximise the effects of this program. 


Maddie’s Build program brings it back to bodybuilding basics with an effective split that has been proven to stimulate muscular growth, helping you to build lean muscle as you get stronger and fitter. However, like anything it’s imperative that you push yourself and stay consistent throughout. Motivation is fleeting, but if you keep hold of your determination, show up to every session and give it your best, this program will help you

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