Danyele’s Brand New Power Strength Program: All You Need to Know

We’re so excited to announce that Danyele has launched her new Power: Strength Program and we know you’re going to love it!

What is the Power Strength Program?

Danyele has carefully created this program to help you maximise your performance as your goal is to increase your strength over 8 weeks with 4 fundamental lifts. It’s time to release your inner athlete, as this program is all about showing yourself what you’re made of, as you push yourself to new limits.

Why choose Danyele’s Power Strength Program?

If you’re wanting to track your performance and see improvements in your lifts with an 8 week goal, then this is the program for you.

What will the program look like?

With either intermediate or advanced to choose from you’ll work on improving your strength in 4 fundamental lifts. In intermediate you’ll work towards your 3 rep max in your sumo deadlift, barbell squat, dumbbell shoulder press and lat pulldown. In the advanced program you’ll work towards a 2 rep max in your sumo deadlift, barbell back squat, dumbbell bench press and lat pulldown.

You’ll test yourself in week 1 and then again in week 8, where you will physically and mentally see the results of your hard work!

During the 8 week program, you’ll enjoy 4 workouts a week, which will be split into 3 sections.

Section A) Your warm-up! Take this seriously as this will help you mobilise and support your performance.

Section B) Work on your lifts as you build up to your testing week, in week 8.

Section C) Enhance your fitness with a weighted circuit, as you build your base and elevate your results.

Is this program for me?

If you’re wanting to take your performance to the next level and are willing and ready to do what it takes, then time to get excited as Danyele’s Power Strength will evolve your results as you unleash your inner athlete.

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Here at EvolveYou we’re all about helping you achieve healthy habits that last. We understand that when it comes to long-term results, it’s your journey that matters.

That’s why we’ve carefully created a range of premium fitness products to ensure you have everything you need to elevate your progress, enjoy your journey and reach your full potential.

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