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"Helping you to transform your mind and empower your body"

Jen has designed her program Balance to make yoga accessible, fun and desirable for all! Combining a range of yoga philosophies and styles, Jen is keen to show you that yoga is not just for a select few, but that it can be a consistent, sustainable and empowering part of any fitness routine.

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Unlock new ways to move your body through yoga, as you work on both mental & physical strength.
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Whilst studying at university, Jen struggled with anxiety and felt lost. She completed her degree, but knew she hadn’t found her purpose yet.

Despite being a complete beginner, Jen had a calling to become a yoga teacher. She decided to book a 4 month training course in California, which ultimately changed her life and gave her a sense of purpose and direction, which she wanted to share with as many people as possible.

A complete beginner who never felt ‘flexible’, her yoga practice has taught her what our minds and bodies are truly capable of, unleashing a growth mindset like no other. Ever since, Jen has practised yoga every day and absolutely loves teaching others about its transformational benefits.